Avoid Eating imported frozen chicken and save your life!!!


October 5, 2018 Robert Dumenu Business owners deal, thinking of profits mostly over any other thing which sometimes pushes them to look more at figures and ignore the People, but People is what patronize commodity or service hence their lives matters, without lives who would you sell or trade with ? It is very important we think of the total well being of demand so as the maintain it. My point is, when we do not stop the practice of taking in Imported chicken we might all suffer serious health complications, an unhealthy Country is a Poor one. Let’s Start Eating what we produce, let’s eat poultry made in Ghana and stay healthy so we can build Ghana in Strength. How can we be eating Chicken frozen for over Years, mostly 5 years Frozen, in delight and be dying inside? Statistics shows the huge gap we are missing when it can actually be a solid source of revenue generation, instead we waste Over 200,000 Tons as in Demand by giving just 30,000 to Locally Produced Poultry consumption and throwing the huge part to imports that are killing us. It is time we all as Ghanaians change our mindsets and give all our supports to things we do here, Agriculture through smart Poultry scheme for instance, is a very great initiative that can help propel growth and ease up pockets as a secured investment in a growing economy like Ghana. Local consumption shooting up in Chicken alone would mean success, it means we believe in Ghana. Do business with a Patriotic mind, help grow Ghana too not just your pockets. Trade thinking of Ghana. Let’s Transfer the funds used for these imports into our Locals Sector and we would see how capable we are in handling our own affairs. If we can’t feed ourselves we can’t be attain the growth we keep expecting, we are not doing it right that is why we are not getting it right. Feed yourself, have excess and feed others, right now we are being fed by excess from abroad through heavy imports, worse of all we get to eat old stock whiles they eat fresh and make money from their old stock. Ghana must take its Agriculture section very seriously, our lives depends on it . Eat locally produced foods to support our dying economy, Make a personal pledge to support everything produced here, let us not always wait for governments, after all we are all part of the country running, our decisions and actions can help build or destroy Ghana. Start with a quit of foreign poultry consumption and attest to the massive improvement in the economy through local poultry consumption. Eat Ghanaian made poultry and live long for Ghana, Stay healthy !!!


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