New ultra-modern cranes to arrive for port operation in December – MPS


The Tema Port Expansion Project is preparing for the arrival of 27 cranes valued at $82 million.

Meridian Ports Services Ltd, the managers for the project say the first batch of 4 STS and 8 eRTG’s are due to depart the production site at the end of October with an expected arrival date, at the Tema Port Expansion Project in late December 2018.

This follows a purchase agreement signed in August 2017 between Meridian Ports Services (MPS) and Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (ZPMC) to construct a fleet of new cranes for the ongoing Port Expansion project.

Information available to Ghana Port News suggests that by the end of August 2018, all cranes will have been structurally erected. It is currently being fitted with the hardware mechanisms and the associated technology components including the software that controls all the drives such as hoisting gear, gantry, trolley gear etc.

Recorded as the largest fleet ever acquired by West Africa in the Port Industry, the cranes are of superior quality and the highest technology. It includes 7 STS (Ship-To-Shore gantry cranes) and 20 eRTGs.

Commenting on the issue, the CEO of Meridian Ports Services Ltd, Mohamed Samara expressed delight at the pace of work done on the cranes and was optimistic about how the New Port Facility will help achieve a far-reaching boost in the economy of the nation as sea trade volumes increase.

He said, “With the rise in terminal capacity due to the efficiency of these cranes, there is bound to be a ripple effect on development in all areas of the economy. This is an investment for the growth our nation.”

The Ship-To-Shore cranes are Super Post Panamax with 65-meter outreach capable of handling containers on board vessels up to 23 rows and 10 on deck while the eRTGs (Electric Rubber Tyre Gantries)  are capable of stacking containers 7 wide and 1 over 5 high in the container yards.

These cranes are also designed in an ergonomically friendly manner to make work comfortable for operators while they are expected to be installed at the new facility and be fully operational in June 2019 when the new port goes live.

Meridian Ports Services Limited (MPS) is a joint venture between Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority with APM Terminals and Bolloré Transport & Logistics.
MPS currently operates the biggest and most efficient container terminal in West Africa in the Tema Port.

Over the last decade, through its shareholders, the company has expressed and proved its commitment and relentless dedication towards transforming the shipping industry through various unprecedented investments in port infrastructure, technology and human resource.





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