The acting Director-General of GPHA, Edward Osei, has stated that it is through perseverance that his career had climaxed to the point of him being a Director of Tema Port and subsequently the acting Director-General of GPHA.

Edward Osei has 35 years of professional experience in Corporate America and was a Partner at the law firm of Osei & Nelson in New Jersey and taught Corporate Law, Contracts and Taxation at Widener University, made this known on Wo Daakye Wo Wonsem, a tv show aimed at bringing to the known the stories behind successful personalities via interviews with the hope of inspiring the youth.

Edward has BSc in Business Administration from University of Ghana and five Masters Degrees; International Business Management -Baylor University, International Affairs – Yale, MBA -Stanford, Juris Doctor of Law -Temple University, Philadelphia and LLM in Taxation – New York University Law school.

Unfolding his life story, Edward Osei, said he had never aspired to work in the port or maritime industry growing up. He said he knew nothing about the port industry because he did not originate from the coastal parts of Ghana.

“I have never been to the port before since childhood but because of how I prepared myself for the job market, the President found it prudent to appoint me as Director of Tema Port,” said Edward Osei.
According to him, it was after he had gone overseas to pursue a career in business administration and law, and gained considerable experience, that the President of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo entrusted the role of Director of Port to him.

He noted that he was appointed by the President of Ghana, because he was endowed with the requisite skill needed for overseeing the affairs of the Port.
He admonished the youth to be dedicated to their education as it is the key to success. He further advised them to pursue careers that they delight in, as that would bring out the best in them.
“Be sure of what you want to do in this world and think of how best you can improve on it,” he added.

The Director of Port said in the performance of their daily duties, the youth should commit to enhancing themselves to present themselves versatile in the field of work.
He said it is important for them to not compromise on values such as honesty, integrity and hard work.

Edward Osei, encouraged all adults to assume the collective responsibility of raising up children by inculcating certain traditional values of rewarding and punishment since they would inherit the society.


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